5 Simple PHP Scripts To Help Increase Website-led Conversions


Users favor to obtain recognition for his or her visits.

Think of it: does not it make a big distinction whenever you enter a spot the place no particular person even acknowledges your presence in contrast with a spot the place the host will greet you personally, though they do not know nevertheless?

I’m positive it does.


And you’ll agree that it makes an excellent greater distinction when it is your guests whom you are attempting to transform into subscribers or prospects and on no account merely one-time guests.

The 5 scripts on this publish have been written so as in order so as to add interactivity that will assist with web site on-line conversions and please purchasers, making them really actually really feel acknowledged and on no account invisible.

Notes regarding the scripts

  • All scripts are imagined to work in a WordPress-based setting, nonetheless they’re versatile sufficient to be carried out on completely various kinds of web sites (with exception of #3, that’s strictly WordPress).
  • With the exception of script #3, I wrote and examined all scripts myself and my fiancé Simone Cianfriglia kindly reviewed them. They should be error free, nonetheless let me know all through the options in case you run into components or have questions.

1. Localized Greetings With Offer

Say you run express gives for quite a few worldwide areas. You will want a consumer from a selected nation to view gives associated to their location and language and on no account frequent gives.


The following script will greet purchasers from worldwide areas you made express gives for whereas all individuals else will probably be outfitted your default current as a replacement:

Hello! I see you can be positioned in !

We have reductions express to your market! Want to take a peek in?


With hyperlinks.php being a file that incorporates this code:

// hyperlinks.php

 'IT' => "https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/weblog/inbound-marketing/5-simple-php-scripts-to-help-increase-website-led-conversions/URL1",
 'UK' => 'URL2',
 'US' => 'URL3'


This code returns a message like this

Hello shopper from RU!

We have reductions express to your market! Want to take a peek in?

With “Want to take a peek in?” linking to the localized current.

The code detects if the patron related to the online net web page from a Russian IP on this event, and it hyperlinks the patron’s geographic location to the country-specific current web net web page.

A demo screenshot:

How the code works

  • The $country_code line retrieves the consumer’s nation from a public database hosted at ipinfo.io
  • $hyperlinks retrieves the array contained all through the hyperlinks.php file, that associates every nation to its current web net web page URL
  • The perform getLink checks if an affiliation exists between a purchaser nation and its current hyperlink and, if it does, it returns it (you’ll “echo” (current) it contained throughout the HTML code of the consumer message); if there may be not a gift for the consumer nation, the perform returns the default current.

How to make the most of this script

Create two .php knowledge:

  • localized-greetings.php
  • hyperlinks.php

containing the code (custom-made to fit your wishes) launched above.

Upload to the premise folder or a subfolder of your web site on-line, then add this straightforward line of code to your sidebar or web site on-line web net web page the place you need the current displayed:

Of course, /path/to/ might be completely the trail of your web site on-line folder (ask your host for steering ought to you’ll be able to’t work out).

Why it improves conversions

It’s simpler to make the acceptable CTA convert when the patron does not must click on on on spherical to look out them. This script reveals the acceptable hyperlink (or banner) as quickly because of the patron visits the online net web page. The current hyperlink is there in entrance of the patron’s eyes, able to click on on on and convert.

2. Time-Aware Contact Page

When a purchaser hits your Contact web net web page and should get in contact, they might know what timezone you can be in nonetheless they is perhaps unsure what precise time it’s in your own home nor do you have to’re obtainable to be contacted.

The following script helps on account of it adjustments your availability message in accordance with the time a purchaser hits your web net web page:

It's $localtime in my nation (Italy). ";
if (17 <= $hour && $hour < 19)
 echo "I'm throughout the office. How can I make it simpler to?";
 echo "Office closed, sorry! I'm obtainable 17:00-19:00 (5-7 PM) Mon-Fri.";
echo "

"; ?>

The code will output this message if the patron visits your web net web page at a time in your nation (Italy on this event) if you end up not obtainable:

It’s 11:48 PM in my nation (Italy). Office closed, sorry! I’m obtainable 17:00-19:00 (5-7 PM) Mon-Fri.

Or this message throughout the event that they go to your web net web page whenever you’re obtainable:

It’s 5:48 PM in my nation (Italy). I’m all through the workplace. How can I assist you to to?

A demo screenshot:

demo screenshot

How the code works

  • date_default_timezone_set(“Europe/Rome”) tells the server that your default timezone is a selected one and on no account the server default. This is important on account of the state of affairs of your server is perhaps not the equal as your enterprise. When the code retrieves your native time the second a purchaser hits your web net web page, it ought to make use of the timezone you specified and on no account the server default. In this event, I used “Europe/Rome” as a timezone on account of it is my location (Italy).
  • I’ve set three variables:
    • $time for the time() perform
    • $localtime for the time calculated in accordance with date_default_timezone_set; $localtime makes use of the strftime perform to format the time string. You can choose the formatting; I chosen “%A %d-%b-%Y %T %Z”, which suggests:
      %A – Sunday by means of Saturday
      %d – 01 to 31
      %b – Jan by means of Dec
      %Y – Four digit illustration of the yr
      %T – Time in hour/minutes/seconds
      %Z – The time zone abbreviation
    • $hour to calculate the present hour in my nation and ensure if the present hour belongs to the interval of workplace availability (5-7 PM on this event)
  • The if/else assemble is the logic core of the script: if the time belongs to your enterprise hours vary, the code will current “I’m throughout the office. How can I make it simpler to?”; if not, it must print “Office closed, sorry! I’m obtainable 17:00-19:00 (5-7 PM) Mon-Fri.”

How to make the most of this script

Create time-aware-page.php file containing the code above (collectively alongside together with your personalised edits).

As with the “How to utilize this script” tutorial for script #1, use the following line of code to name the .php in your web net web page code:

Why it improves conversions

The script will primarily make it simpler in your self to get contact messages or requests solely if you end up obtainable and on no account out of doors of your enterprise hours.

It furthermore makes it simpler for patrons to know do you have to’re obtainable or not, in order that they know whether or not or not or not they will obtain a quick reply to their message or within the occasion that they’ve to attend for the following enterprise day.

Overall, an easy script like it will assist to maintain communications centered all by means of enterprise hours and avoid stay up for each you and your purchasers.

3. An Helpful Marketing Addon for WordPress

Wouldn’t it’s good in case your WordPress search kind appeared like this?

What are you on the lookout for?

Be express! (e.g. “content material materials promoting devices”)

With “Be specific! (e.g. “content material materials promoting devices”)” because of the textual content material materials contained throughout the search self-discipline.

There isn’t any PHP code it’s good to place in writing correct proper right here, as it is a easy HTML hack of your default WordPress search kind — altering the current textual content material materials for the search self-discipline and the button.

You can do that by opening the searchform.php file in your WP prepare and on the lookout for the following tag:

“Search …” is what it is important to edit to customise the phrases contained throughout the search kind. In the event used firstly of this rationalization, the phrases to change “Search …” with are “Be specific! (e.g. “content material materials promoting devices”)”.

This small hack will enhance shopper expertise and assist your purchasers write and ship extra related queries to retrieve the proper ends in your WordPress database.

However, you may customise your Search kind and outcomes web net web page by putting in one among many 15 WordPress Search plugins Hongkiat reviewed in 2015.

Why it improves conversions

Not each shopper is acutely aware of the way in which during which to hunt for what they’re on the lookout for. The extra steering they will get all by means of and after the technique, the higher.

Sometimes a consumer will run an easy question all through the hope to look out what they’re on the lookout for among the many many many outcomes. This kind of question is unlikely to convey purchasers the outcomes they want, although, so to provide purchasers a contact on the way in which during which to carry out a better website online search will make them get to the content material materials supplies they’re on the lookout for sooner and enhance their fundamental expertise (a glad shopper is a consumer who will come as soon as extra).

4. Unique Blog Post Freebies

Post-specific CTAs are acknowledged to work a lot greater than generic CTAs. You can work with content material materials supplies upgrades otherwise you may automate various of your non-list conversion efforts with this straightforward PHP script for WordPress

to level a novel current on the top of every publish:

 'This publish freebie is at URL1',
 '2' => 'This second publish freebie is at URL2',

perform postFreebie($postId,$publishOffers) {
 return $publishOffers[$postId];

$postId = get_the_ID();
$freebie = postFreebie($postId,$publishOffers);

echo $freebie;

A demo screenshot:

example post freebie script

I edited ‘This publish freebie is at URL1′ all through the array as


This publish freebie is at URL1


for this demo.

Note that ‘This publish freebie is at URL1′ will solely seems for this ‘Hello World’ publish and NOT completely completely different posts — that is the scope of the script. To make that very same freebie current obtainable for extra posts, you can specify the publish ID all through the array; as an illustration, if I might love ‘This publish freebie is at URL1′ to furthermore seem for publish ID 354, I’ll add it as beneath:

$publishOffers = array(
 '1' => 'This publish freebie is at URL1',
 '354' => 'This publish freebie is at URL1',

How the code works

  • The variable $publishOffers is an array that hyperlinks every publish ID specified all through the array (you may view your publish IDs by hovering the mouse on the Edit hyperlink beneath every publish in http://event.com/wp-admin/edit.php)
  • The perform postFreebie() associates the publish ID to its associated current and returns it all through the code. Note that $postID makes use of a WordPress perform that calls the present publish ID
  • $freebie takes $postID and $publishOffers and returns the acceptable current for every publish, which you’ll ‘echo’ (current) with “echo $freebie”

How to make the most of this script

Create a postoffers.php file and add it to the premise of your house, a subfolder or inside your theme folders. Then title the script inside your theme’s single.php template after the publish content material materials supplies () with this line of code:

Alternatively, you may merely copy and former the complete code into your single.php template (equal place).

Why it improves conversions

Like with content material materials supplies upgrades in your subscriber itemizing, downloadable freebies work larger within the occasion that they are distinctive to a selected publish, in order that readers of that publish could have an opportunity to dive deeper of their favourite matter, whereas they won’t be eager about one completely different matter you wrote, say, a free e-book for.

format for this sort of conversion advert is the leaderboard format, set at a barely smaller width than your publish content material materials supplies.

If your weblog runs on WordPress, you need to take advantage of Electric Studio Download Counter to rely obtain conversions for every freebie. Also, guarantee that to set Conversion Goals in Google Analytics, Piwik or completely completely different analytics software program program program you make the most of to maintain observe of conversions.

5. Day-Specific Offers

If you run gives express to sure days of the week (e.g. 20% off your e-book product gross sales on Tuesday and free counseling on Fridays), you’ll discover this script helpful:

Special Sunday Offer!

"; } else if (strftime("%w", $time) == 3)      { echo "

Special Wednesday Offer!

"; } else      {echo "No specific gives as we converse"; } ?>

A demo screenshot:


How the code works

  • For timezone and time, I used the equal code from script #2.
  • %w is a strftime() parameter which suggests “Numeric illustration of the day of the week” and it counts Sunday (0) because of the beginning day of the week (ending with Saturday (6). So “if (strftime(“%w”, $time) == 0)” means “if current day of the week is a Sunday”, then current “Special Sunday Offer!”.
  • The the remainder of the code is an if/else assemble to level out fully completely completely different gives for quite a few days of the week. In this case, solely two days of the week have express gives (Sunday and Wednesday), whereas the choice days don’t have any express gives linked, so the code will current a “No specific gives as we converse” on this event.

How to make the most of this script

See embody directions for the earlier scripts.

Why it improves conversions

It’s a waste of time for the patron (and really irritating, too) to fall for an fascinating current solely to look out out it’s not obtainable on any given day.

This easy script will rotate your current adverts on a day foundation to solely present gives which might be obtainable on a selected day and feed the patron default selections on the choice days. If the patron is raring about throughout the present day’s current, throughout the present day is the day that will herald conversions and no aggravated purchasers (who could not come as soon as extra to verify on the acceptable day).

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