Average Web Designer Salary for UX, UI, and Visual Designers (2021)

Every enterprise needs a site, which suggests there are lots of options for web designers. But navigating the job market is easier talked about than achieved. In this data, we’ll help you to get started by what sorts of web designer jobs will be discovered and the typical web designer wage for utterly completely different positions.

🇺🇸 Please bear in mind that a number of the numbers on this text are based mostly totally on data from the US. We’ve included some worldwide data, nonetheless in case you’re open air of the US, you possibly can wish to go searching for data associated to your particular person nation.

📚 Table of contents:

Types of web designer jobs & frequent web designer wage

User experience (UX) designer

A UX designer is accountable for the subsequent options of web design:

  • Content hierarchy. The order by way of which content material materials is obtainable to the client.
  • Information construction. The creation and administration of points like sitemaps and metadata, all to help prospects understand the place they’re in your web site at any given second.
  • Wireframes. Page blueprints that others can use to appropriately place content material materials on diversified pages.
  • Prototypes. Examples of what an internet web page on the positioning you’re setting up will appear to be, notably when testing new layouts.

In transient, a UX designer focuses on designing the buyer’s informational journey by means of a site. With prototyping, shopper testing, and persona setting up, they create set paths for varied sorts of company to take upon visiting your web site.

⚒️ Required talents

  • User evaluation and approach
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Responsive web design
  • Project administration
  • Collaboration

Many shopper experience designer jobs moreover require you to have some stage of expertise in shopper interface design, points like layouts and typography.

💵 Salary expectations

According to ZipRecruiter, the current frequent wage for a UX designer throughout the United States is $91,500. CareerFoundry lists frequent UX salaries as $85,000 throughout the US, C$72,000 in Canada, and €40,000 throughout the UK.

UXDesignerSalaries.com offers a additional full set of numbers, salaries based mostly totally on every nation and experience. The web site lists 4 utterly completely different experience ranges:

  • 0-3 years. These designers acquire a median of $76,966 throughout the US.
  • 4-7 years. An frequent of $98,732 throughout the US.
  • 8-12 years. An frequent of $112,203 throughout the US.
  • 13+ years. An frequent of $123,447 throughout the US.

In transient, in case you’re new to UX design, you’ll depend on to make spherical $75,000, with that amount rising to spherical $100K with 4-7 years of experience. More expert designers may make properly over $100K/12 months.

You can see wage data for various additional nations at UXDesignerSalaries.com.

User interface (UI) designer

A shopper interface designer, generally called a shopper interaction designer, makes use of points like patterns, spacing, and shade to data the buyer experience. Their goal is to create an intuitive experience so {{that a}} shopper always is conscious of what their subsequent interaction with a site have to be.

To break it down extra, a UI designer shall be accountable for the subsequent:

  • Choosing principal options of seen design, like shade palette and typography
  • Creating and sustaining style guides
  • Ensuring a cohesive mannequin experience all through pages
  • Customizing the appears and efficiency of interactive components, like net web page menus
  • Creating animations

UI designers are moreover sometimes accountable for front-end progress.

⚒️ Required talents

  • Proficiency with a minimal of 1 design instrument, resembling Adobe XD
  • Experience with a prototyping instrument, like InVision
  • Understanding of shade idea, typography, and UI design patterns
  • Collaboration

UI designers may even revenue from data of CSS, HTML, and/or JavaScript.

💵 Salary expectations

Figuring the frequent web designer wage for a UI designer is a bit trickier, since many web sites don’t differentiate UI designers from UX designers. However, there could also be some data accessible for analysis.

According to Glassdoor, the frequent wage for a UI designer is $83,421. This is very like the $84,262 listed on BuiltIn. Career Foundry lists a significantly lower frequent wage of $76,115 for UI designers throughout the US, C$69,000 in Canada, and €44,155 throughout the UK.

Indeed lists a UI designer wage significantly elevated at $91,015 and moreover provides some data based mostly totally on how this breaks down for people at diversified experience ranges:

  • 1-2 years – $78,055
  • 3-5 years – $109,260
  • 10+ years – $121,100

This data isn’t as full as a result of the wage data for UX designers, nonetheless it is pretty clear that you’d be capable to depend on to make over $75,000 in an entry-level UI designer place. With various years of experience, you’ll depend on wage that is nearer to $100K, rising to properly over $100K as you technique ten years of experience.

Visual web designer

A visual web designer, additional also referred to as solely a web designer, is a graphic designer who focuses on web pages. They are accountable for the subsequent options of a web site:

  • Images
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Layout

They design these things in a instrument like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. Sometimes they implement the designs themselves; additional sometimes, that’s achieved by a front-end web developer.

⚒️ Required talents

  • Familiarity with devices like Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or InDesign
  • Understanding of the concepts of design as utilized to web design
  • Collaboration

While it is not required, many web designers moreover uncover it helpful to know content material materials administration strategies, like WordPress, along with major HTML and CSS. This provides additional context for how components of their design can be utilized to a web site and, in some situations, even implement the design themselves.

A web designer at work.

💵 Salary expectations

According to Talent.com, the frequent web designer throughout the US makes $60,000. This is in line with the number of $60,202 listed by ZipRecruiter and not too far off from the $66,744 listed on Salary.com.

Payscale lists the frequent web designer wage at $51,821, and goes on to produce a breakdown of the pay fees for utterly completely different experience ranges:

  • First 12 months – Web designers can depend on to earn $44,000 of their first 12 months.
  • 1-4 years – $49,000/12 months.
  • 5-9 years – $58,000/12 months.
  • 10-19 years – $60,000/12 months.
  • 20+ years – $65,000/12 months.

Some positions pays additional, with ZipRecruiter itemizing some web designers being paid as so much as $114,000, nonetheless usually web designers can depend on a significantly lower wage than UI or UX designers.

Web designers working as freelancers

Freelance web designers act as their very personal bosses, working for various purchasers. This lets them regulate their schedules, duties, and, in any case, their fees. A contract web designer can choose to deal with one type of design or present all three to utterly completely different purchasers.

💵 Salary expectations

Unfortunately, discovering data on what freelance web designers earn is a bit trickier than wanting up salaries. However, there could also be some information accessible:

  • ZipRecruiter lists a contract web designer wage range of $23,500 – $111,500, with a median wage of $55,810.
  • Payscale lists a median wage of $49,282/12 months for freelance web designers.
  • Talent.com lists the subsequent wage range of $66,625 – $122,850, with the frequent wage being $78,000/12 months.

These numbers all come from comparatively small sample sizes though. A higher metric is maybe what well-liked guides counsel as the acceptable amount to price for suppliers:

  • Ripemedia signifies that web designers with minimal experience should price $31-42/hour, whereas additional superior designers can price as a lot as $75/hour.
  • Visual Composer signifies that web designers with common experience should price spherical $75/hour.

If you’re involved about pursuing freelance work, check out the Flux Academy guide to how to calculate your web design hourly rate.

Web designer vs web developer

When you start looking out for web designer jobs, you might uncover that “Web Developer” positions current up in your search outcomes. You might even qualify for them, nonetheless these are distinctly utterly completely different jobs from web designer positions.

Let’s take a look at the variations.

A web designer works on the format and look of a site. They sometimes assemble these layouts with devices like Adobe Illustrator, relying on the developer to implement the format they’ve created. They may additionally use code, nonetheless they’re not generally accountable for higher than major efficiency. There are three frequent sorts of web designer: shopper experience designers, shopper interaction designers, and seen designers.

A web developer works on the core development of a site. They use code to supply your web site the entire range of efficiency you want. There are three sorts of builders:

  • Back-end builders who work on the database and server. These builders are generally paid $81,161/12 months in accordance with Payscale, whereas Glassdoor lists a significantly elevated frequent wage of $94,444.
  • Front-end builders who focus on the climate of the positioning that company will work along with. These builders earn a median wage of $75,437 in accordance with Payscale, whereas Glassdoor lists a notably elevated frequent wage of $87,228.
  • Full stack builders do every front-end and back-end progress, and receives a fee a median of $78,936 in accordance with Payscale, whereas Glassdoor lists a notably elevated frequent wage of $99,221.

This reveals that whereas the pay for web builders varies tremendously, they are going to sometimes depend on to be paid a minimal of as so much as a UX or UI designer, and significantly higher than seen designers.

Check out our data to key variations between web design and progress for additional information.

How to determine on the right web designer job

Money is significant, but it surely absolutely isn’t the one issue that points. There are various completely different components you must take into consideration when wanting for an web designer job:

  • What type of labor you want to do. Just on account of you might need the abilities to do additional technical work doesn’t suggest you must. If the issue you benefit from most is graphic design and coding always seems like a chore, choosing a visual web designer job that solely requires occasional use of HTML/CSS is also greater for your psychological properly being than turning right into a UX designer.
  • Hours. There are two points to ponder proper right here. First, it’s essential to know if the job you’re considering is a strict 40 hours per week or in case you’ll be anticipated to work extra time. Second, you’ll must know the precise hours you’re anticipated to work, whether or not or not that’s 8-4, 9-5, or one factor else altogether. You may additionally must ask about flexibility for points like doctor’s appointments and childcare.
  • Benefits. Quality medical insurance coverage that covers a serious proportion of points like dental, eyecare, and treatment/completely different psychological properly being assist can forestall some big money. If you might need present properly being points, insurance coverage protection plan may properly make up for a lower wage.
  • Remote working decisions. The option to earn a living from home a number of of the time or all of it might be a severe revenue for some workers.
  • Company custom. Look for employee evaluations on web sites like GlassDoor or attain out to current workers by means of a web site like LinkedIn to get an appropriate view of what working for this agency shall be like.
  • Opportunities for improvement. Many firms solely have one web designer, so that you’d presumably find yourself in a job with no room for improvement. This sometimes makes it important to maneuver on inside a number of years to hunt out one factor that meets your rising talents and needs. If you want this job to be a long-term one, you’re greater off bigger firms with various designers.

Final concepts

The frequent web designer wage varies based mostly totally on the sort of design work you do:

  • UX designers working throughout the US can depend on a wage of $75,000 – $120,000, counting on their experience.
  • UI designers working throughout the US can depend on roughly the an identical range of earnings, between $78,000 and $120,000.
  • Visual web designers make significantly a lot much less, with averages spherical $60,000. However, there are options to earn significantly additional, with some web designers incomes as so much as $114,000.

Looking at this information might type not merely your current job search, nonetheless your complete occupation trajectory. For occasion, in case you’re at current a visual web designer, you might must assemble your talents as a strategy to transition into UI or UX design and earn extra cash.

We hope that our evaluation into the job market and frequent web design wage numbers has been useful. Let us know what you assume throughout the suggestions below.

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