Godaddy Websites Examples – A beginner’s guide to an awesome brand identity

Godaddy Websites Examples – A beginner’s guide to an awesome brand identity
Get this proper, and so many elements fall into place

Godaddy Websites Examples: Brand identity is often the very very very very last thing on the foundations when starting up a enterprise. But, let me permit you to understand that it’s worth investing brainpower in creating an awesome brand identity — prior to you go your full hog and launch what you could be selling.

Wondering what I counsel by brand identity? Here’s an simple-to-digest definition:

The seen elements of a enterprise — comparable to coloration, design and brand — that resolve and distinguish the brand all via the shoppers’ mind.

But in case you dig deeper into that definition, you’ll realise that brand identity is greater than colours and a brand. It’s the place the seen elements and phrases come collectively to speak concerning the very essence of what you could be selling. They converse to:

  • Your enterprise values
  • Your mission
  • What you say, promise and ship to purchasers


Let’s attempt quite a few Australian producers that I’m optimistic you’re accustomed to.

  1. Woolworths  –  The essential colours of this brand are inexperienced, and gold (very Australian, don’t you assume?). The brand is a stylised ‘W’ that appears as if an apple, representing their core value of delivering up to date meals.
  2. Commonwealth Bank  – Or Commbank, as all people is conscious of it in the intervening time, encompasses a yellow diamond-shaped brand (yellow being advisor of wealth). But look nearer, and in addition to you’ll see that the shape represents the celebs of the Southern Cross.
  3. QANTAS – Arguably one amongst Australia’s most recognisable brand identities, QANTAS, has undertaken seven rebrands all by way of its lifetime. Today, it’s efficiently-acknowledged for being the ‘flying kangaroo’ all via the unmissable colours of pink and white.

These companies make investments essential {{{{dollars}}}} of their brand identities, serving to them develop to be primarily mainly most likely essentially the most recognisable and best-performing producers in Australia.

How do you create a brand identity when your worth vary isn’t as big as Ben Hur? Let me stroll you via it.

5 key elements of a cohesive brand identity

A sturdy and memorable brand identity is essential to what you could be selling’s success and longevity, and that’s why it’s a key ponder your full brand technique.

When you’ve crafted an instantly recognisable brand identity, what you could be selling can elevate off the underside by:

  • Standing out
  • Attracting new purchasers
  • Keeping your current purchasers coming as quickly as further

Through mounted use over time, purchasers and prospects alike will come to acknowledge your brand colours and shapes.

1. Logo (or wordmark)

Qantas logo seeklogo

Seeing your brand for the first time can ship glad shivers down your spine — it’s a second you’ll consider endlessly.

Your brand ought to create a optimistic and memorable impression in your purchasers.

A brand generally is an picture solely, a emblem with textual content material materials supplies or just textual content material materials supplies. Regardless, its goal is to be distinct and create that ‘at-a-look recognition’ of your brand.

You’ll know you’ve landed on the exact brand when your designer presents you one which:

  • Sets you out of your opponents
  • Appeals to your aim market
  • Represents your brand story and values.

Someone’s hand resting on papers with various logo designs

It’s worth investing in educated to help design your brand in case your worth vary permits, nonetheless in case you could provide the choice to’t, it’s doable to make your particular particular person brand.

Check out The World’s 20 Most Recognisable Logos & Their True Meaning to help encourage your particular particular person brand creation.

2.  Colours

When it comes to creating brand recognition, consistency is the required problem. And, there’s no bigger method to pay cash for this than by having a set coloration palette in your full offers, digital and print.

In promoting and selling and promoting and advertising and marketing, colour is an emotional cue and might need an impression on the best method people react or reply to your brand.

Marketer and blogger Neil Patel tells us that 85% of shoppers say coloration is a essential motive for why they buy a selected product.

Before you start contemplating you’ve gotten to be an artist or graphic designer to offer you a powerful coloration scheme – stop. You can merely evaluation coloration idea and psychology to help inform your coloration choice.

You’ll moreover need a radical understanding of your sort of particular particular person almost certainly to buy from you and the message you want your brand identity to enterprise to them.

Here are examples of colour meanings:

  • Red – Red stands for vitality, passion and hazard
  • Orange – Orange can signify creativity, youth and enthusiasm
  • Yellow – Yellow means happiness, hope and spontaneity
  • Green – Green stands for nature, progress and harmony
  • Blue – is for calm, notion and intelligence

Tools like Colormind, Over by GoDaddy and Coolors make it simple to create a complementary coloration palette to assist your brand identity. Once you’ve chosen a palette, stick with it.

3.  Typeface

The third side to take into accounts when bringing your brand identity collectively is typeface, which is extra generally referred to as font.

Font is a set of characters of the an an an identical vogue and measurement.

It’s how your phrases will look, wherever they appear — from what you could be selling collaborating in having fun with taking part in playing cards and emails to your internet internet web page and printed offers.

Sample font

Again, it’s the consistency all by way of elements that will enhance the chances of viewers recognising your brand.

The perfect font in your brand is one which:

  • Is distinctive and memorable
  • Works on every platform
  • Is legible
  • Communicates your brand persona

Here’s an excellent guide to how completely absolutely fully totally different typefaces can vastly impression the best method your brand communicates.

4.  Tagline

“Aussie kids are Weet-Bix Kids” “Lucky you’re with AAMI”, and “Not Happy Jan” are all examples of iconic Australian taglines.

Then there are worldwide producers like Nike with “Just Do It”, Apple with “Think Different” and Coke with “Taste the Feeling.”

Sign reading “Slay the Day” sitting in front of makeup products

A tagline is a catchphrase or slogan that tells people who you might be going to be and what you stand for in quite a few quick-time period phrases. That’s why you need to have an nice keep on what what you could be selling does, who it does it for and what objects you apart out of your opponents prior to you launch into tagline enchancment. offers 5 concepts for crafting what you could be selling tagline:

  1.     Keep it easy
  2.     Give it which suggests
  3.     Clarity is important
  4.     Focus on the benefits
  5.     Tell a story

Read 7 Australian Companies with Great Taglines to accumulate much more ideas.

5. Packaging

This closing side of brand identity is alleged to starting a enterprise the place you’re selling merchandise. Your product packaging serves four essential purposes:

  1.     Protects your product
  2.     Displays and promotes your product
  3.     Attracts shoppers
  4.     Differentiates your product from opponents

Product packaging is a mixture of the other 4 brand identity elements all rolled into one consideration-grabbing and fascinating…effectively…bundle deal deal. 

You’ll need to take into accounts your picks in supplies and kind, then combine it collectively collectively alongside together with your brand, colours and fonts to design your self-self-discipline, wrapping, bag, glass, or nonetheless you’ve packaged up your product.

Canva offers 50 insanely creative and stunning packaging designs for you to take into accounts.

Branding do’s and don’ts

The following ideas of do’s and don’ts is a quick reference to allow you make strategic alternatives that can serve you over the long term.

Brand identity do’s:

  • Be completely absolutely fully totally different and memorable
  • Create a branding style guide
  • Be mounted
  • Deliver on what your brand identity ensures
  • Engage educated to allow you in case your worth vary permits

Don’t try this collectively collectively alongside together with your brand identity:

  • Wait too prolonged to create your brand identity
  • Create a brand with out determining your goal market
  • Design a meaningless brand
  • Overdo the colour scheme or over complicate your vogue
  • Be inconsistent

Start establishing your brand identity now

You’re now armed with the 5 mandatory elements needed to create a memorable brand identity – plus quite a few further points to have in mind.

Creating your brand identity is a gratifying and thrilling effort. Be inventive. Don’t select the very very very very first thing you create. Instead, endure quite a few iterations and search ideas from associates, family and, even bigger, your aim purchaser.