Godaddy Websites Examples – Domain extensions guide — What you need to know before you pick a domain name

Whether it’s for a enterprise or weblog, or you merely need your specific particular person slice of the online, your domain is your digital care for on-line. If your domain is your care for, your domain extension is like your ZIP code in that it presents your website on-line company a little additional particulars about you.

In the beginning of the online age, domain extensions have been terribly restricted. As Make Use Of tells it, “In 1984, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) established the first six domain extensions: .com, .edu, .gov, .mil, .org and .internet. Shortly after, the first two-character nation code domain extensions (like .uk and .us) have been established. In 1988, .int was moreover launched.”

Fast forward to correct now, and your domain and your domain extensions can also be merely as distinctive, and completely unbelievable, as you are. How distinctive? Let’s put it this trend, there are elevated than 1,000 prime-diploma domains for internet addresses on-line.

We’re going to take a deep dive into domain extensions on this textual content material. Here’s what we’re going to cowl:

In this submit we’ll cowl what domain extensions are, what you need to know before you commit to one, how your completely completely different will assist you with branding, and a lot additional. Let’s get started, lets?

In case we’re speaking Greek to you, let’s make clear what domain extensions are.

A domain extension is the combination of characters following the interval in a internet care for.

For occasion, in, the .com is the domain extension of the GoDaddy domain name. The 5 commonest domain extensions are .com, .internet, .org, .co and .us.

Consider for a second the time and evaluation you put into your ultimate automotive purchase. Just like you wouldn’t blindly buy a automotive, you moreover shouldn’t fly blind when in the hunt for the units that make up your on-line presence.

After all, very comparable to people will make assumptions about a specific particular person by the automotive they drive, your public will select you by every your domain and your domain extension — so you ought to choose precisely.

If they see a .org attached as an illustration, they may suppose it’s a group pushed or nonprofit website on-line. If the domain ends with .edu, effectively, that tells the consumer it’s most really an academic website on-line, or associated in a roundabout way with a college or academy.

We’re going to converse a lot additional about particular domain extensions for particular industries additional alongside on this textual content material.

However, as a outcomes of the .coms proceed to flood the market, the newer and extra distinctive domain extensions might rise to the right in some unspecified time ultimately when it comes to search engine need. This might happen as a outcomes of people like their brevity and might inform engines like google like google they like domains with shorter domain extensions by the use of clicking.

After all, domain extensions are a sooner indication of what a domain affords, which might help a time-deprived shopper as shortly as they do a quick scan of ends in a search.

Where domain extensions actually present to be helpful for corporations, nonetheless, is in website on-line visitation and conversion.

And, throughout the event that they’re making an attempt to uncover one situation particular on-line like diamonds, as an illustration, a jewelry firm with a domain name paying homage to might get additional company than a enterprise with a domain name like merely due to the specificity of their domain extension.

Spoiler alert: It’s the an an equivalent concern as a outcomes of the domain extension.

The prime-diploma domain, or TLD, is the ultimate phrase a a a part of a domain name — the half to the appropriate of the dot. In the domain name,, the .com is the TLD (aka domain extension). The TLD is supposed to give attention to the intention or location of a website on-line.

There are a variety of kinds of TLDs, nonetheless the three commonest are gTLD, ccTLD and sTLD.

One such restriction for some ccTLDs is that you are a resident of the nation, territory or sovereign state you’re registering for. Codes like .us and .mx require you maintain or be positioned in these worldwide areas to register a domain with these extensions.

Exceptions embody .co for Colombia and .ly ( you for Libya — anyone can register these ccTLDs. Similarly, .fm — the domain extension for Micronesia — is being unofficially utilized by FM radio stations, podcasts and related broadcasting corporations.

Sponsored prime-diploma domains (sTLDs) have a sponsor that represents a particular group that’s served by the domain. Think .gov for United States authorities internet pages, .submit for postal corporations, and .mil for U.S. navy websites. Like ccTLDs, these domain extensions have very strict pointers for possession.

The third kind of TLD, generic prime-diploma domains (gTLDs), presumably maintain most positively mainly primarily probably the most branding potential for enterprise homeowners.

Generic prime-diploma domains, aka gTLDs, are domain extensions that aren’t tied to nation codes or areas, don’t require a guide, and normally typically is not going to be always restricted when it comes to who can private them. (Some geographic domain extensions do require registrants to maintain and/or do enterprise contained in the world represented by the geographic gTLD — additional on that later.)

These descriptive new domain extensions — paying homage to .lawyer, .careers and .choices, merely to name a few additional — give you a new completely completely different to register domains that absolutely characterize what you and your enterprise are all about.

With the complete model new generic prime-diploma domains now accessible, the online branding potentialities are limitless!

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Understand the choices for naming and branding your enterprise with domain extensions

As of 2019, there at the moment are elevated than 1,000 domain extensions accessible. If you’re making an attempt to uncover the appropriate name and domain in your enterprise, this may be good news for you. On the alternative hand, maybe all these decisions are starting to really truly actually really feel a little overwhelming.

Not being restricted to a additional typical TLD like .com (although that’s nonetheless mainly primarily probably the most appropriately-favored and recognizable domain extension) means you can get additional particular than ever before.

We’ve addressed a few domain extensions above, nonetheless there are moreover others that may notably intrigue enterprise homeowners — along with .app, .retailer, .menu, .jewelry and even .pizza.

For event, if you have a pizza retailer named Mike’s Pizza, you might try to register This is a non everlasting, guide domain name. Alas! It’s not accessible (Remember, the .com domain has been spherical awhile so many non everlasting .coms have already been snagged). Check out a few of your fully completely completely different decisions:

Domain Extensions Mikespizza

Here’s one completely completely different occasion: Before gTLDs, you might need resorted to a cumbersome domain name like Now, you can shorten that name to PhoenixBike.retailer. Awesome, applicable?!

“These new gTLds are literally scorching,” acknowledged actor Oleg Taktarov, star of 15 Minutes, Rollerball and Predators. “They are unbelievable for branding your self or your enterprise. People breaking into the [entertainment] enterprise can merely market themselves with a .actor domain for his or her website on-line and current the world that they’re contained within the commerce.”

Should you purchase a domain with thought-about positively one amongst these newer domain extensions to be your main website on-line care for? How about to be an alternate domain name or to defend your turf? Let’s take the problems one-by-one:

Branding and naming

As we talked about earlier, taking thought-about positively one amongst these new domain extensions in your internet care for is additional descriptive, and explains what you do in a straightforward and easy methodology. On the alternative hand, .com is so ingrained in our psyche that purchasers gained’t take into account a internet care for that doesn’t end with a .com.

But, as an growing variety of of these new extensions present to be accessible, we’ll all present to be additional accustomed to alternate addresses.

Quite a lot of them might present to be even easier for us to take into account. Looking for a pizza for dinner tonight? Go to a .pizza internet care for.

A related question: If the .com you need isn’t accessible, ought to you seize a completely fully completely completely different domain extension or change the name of your enterprise on-line?

Our vote goes to the model new domain extension.


It’s elevated to have a domain name that actually represents who you are and what you do.

The bottom line: For now, a .com might nonetheless be among the many many greatest methods to go, if it’s accessible. But, if it’s not, don’t hesitate to get a new extension. Even if you already have a .com care for, you might need to remember a new extension as an alternate, or self-significance, internet care for and redirect company to whichever domain you select.

Protecting your mannequin

For these of you who already have a .com care for, you can also be questioning if you ought to scoop up your name with additional domain extensions so that you can defend your mannequin. After all, if you are, you might need to register pretty than letting one completely different specific individual take it.

Should you do it? Sure, you can try this, nonetheless don’t go crazy.

After all, as well as to you’re contained within the enterprise of buying and selling domain names, proudly proudly proudly proudly owning too many domains can get pretty pricey yr over yr.

You actually solely need the addresses that are really associated to your enterprise.


Protect your mannequin by buying in your name with a new extension or two (even possibly three or 4), nonetheless there’s no need to go overboard. You better than likely solely need a couple of really associated ones.

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Using domain extensions for ingenious promoting and purchaser engagement

If you haven’t guessed by now, domain extensions maintain price for ingenious promoting campaigns and elevated purchaser engagement. Strategically place them inside your present website on-line, they normally moreover instantly present to be a useful shortcut and marketable URL to drive company deeper into your main website on-line.

Domain extensions + mannequin promoting = ingenious genius!


Let’s take a have a have a take a look at a few of the strategies you can use domain extensions to create a variety of landing elements in your aim purchasers, enhance purchaser engagement, and help your promoting targets.

Loyalty features

If you’re a marketer or small enterprise proprietor, you can use the model new domain extensions to mannequin loyalty features.

Let’s say your enterprise is Fresh Brew Coffee, a native espresso retailer, and you have merely launched a purchaser loyalty program. You register a .membership domain name — like freshbrewcoffee.membership — and hyperlink it to your present website on-line. You might moreover create loyalty collaborating in having fun with taking part in playing cards with this straightforward-to-take into account domain listed on them.

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Building buzz

Say you need to create some buzz spherical a new product that you are launching. Your promoting selling and promoting and advertising promoting and advertising advertising marketing campaign might embody a domain and a web site on-line for the product using the model new .buzz extension —

For Paris Fashion Week and its fully completely completely different Fashion Week websites, Access Fashion Media created .buzz domains to drive engagement, branching out earlier their distinctive .com extensions.

Domain Extensions Paris Fashion Week

Promote a sale

Does your enterprise participate in Black Friday product product sales? If so, create a domain paying homage to or put collectively a custom-made domain for any large sale, paying homage to

Feature a contest

Offering a contest that you need to assemble pleasure spherical? Create a domain paying homage to using the .win domain extension. You can use the simple-to-recall URL to promote the rivals in your social media networks and fully completely completely different promoting channels.

Collaborate on an event

Does your enterprise participate in any collaborative events like “retailer native” with fully completely completely different native corporations? If so, create a .events domain and website on-line for the collaboration.

Work alongside alongside alongside along with your collaborators to promote the custom-made URL, paying homage to, to drive pals to an attached website on-line that decisions event particulars and a itemizing of collaborating corporations with hyperlinks as quickly as further to their websites.

Make it your main domain

Using a domain with positively one amongst many new domain extensions as your main website on-line care for can also be a good promoting swap in your enterprise — notably if the extension aligns alongside alongside alongside along with your corporations or merchandise (which it ought to!).

There are so many domain extensions it’s nonetheless straightforward to get a non everlasting and memorable domain name that’s really guide of your enterprise.

Domain Extensions Confetti Events Website
Events website on-line enterprise Confetti makes use of as its main domain.
Domain Extensions Tour Eiffel Paris Website
Find the official website on-line for planning a tour of the Eiffel Tower at

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Domain extensions and digital adverts

We’ve established that domain extensions seemingly don’t affect search engine selling and promoting and advertising nonetheless — nonetheless they may help with advert spend.

In an article for Search Engine Journal, search engine selling and promoting and advertising educated Bill Hartzer advisable considering using key phrase-rich generic prime-diploma domain names for Google AdWords campaigns.

He primarily based fully his suggestion on optimistic outcomes from an AdWords take a take a look at selling and promoting and advertising promoting and advertising advertising marketing campaign that used the an an equivalent key phrases, advert copy and landing pages to ship pals to a .com domain and, on the an an equivalent time, .diamonds domain. As he explains:

“At first, after we first ran the adverts, we found that we obtained additional impressions on the .DIAMONDS adverts, and the .DIAMONDS clicks have been cheaper. The clicks on the .COM adverts have been costlier, nonetheless lastly the .COM clicks remodeled elevated. Eight months later, nonetheless, we ran the an an equivalent adverts as shortly as additional, and positioned that the .DIAMONDS clicks have been nonetheless cheaper than using a .COM domain name. But, it turned out that the .DIAMONDS clicks have been altering elevated than that they’d before.

I’m now recommending that if you’re working Google AdWords adverts, consider using a key phrase rich new gTLD domain name. You ought to, lastly, do your specific particular person testing, nonetheless you might end up paying a lot a lot a lot much less for clicks and getting additional conversions.”

While it’s nonetheless too shortly to know exactly how the newer domain extensions will perform in search engine outcomes pages from a branding standpoint finally, having a variety of domains using the newer extensions makes good sense. And, you might get an search engine selling and promoting and advertising enhance in the long term … so why not?

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Using geographic and enterprise-particular domain extensions to be a a a part of with purchasers

Another large benefit of the accessible generic prime-diploma domains is that you can use them geographically if you are a native enterprise.

Geographic and enterprise-particular domain extensions shall be a a a part of you alongside alongside alongside along with your ideally suited purchasers.

With extensions particular to geographic areas along with cities, worldwide areas and continents — like .nyc — you might make it straightforward for native purchasers to uncover your corporations (i.e. your enterprise) on-line.

Pride of place

Take, as an illustration, the benefits of branding your New York City-based enterprise with a .nyc domain extension.

Hard working, quick paced New Yorkers are proud to name the Big Apple residence. If your enterprise is positioned in positively one amongst many 5 boroughs and serves residents of America’s most bustling metropolis, you might remember trying to find a .nyc domain name.

When you mannequin your website on-line with a .nyc domain name, purchasers who need (or need) to retailer native can rest assured that they’re a New York enterprise on the Web.

Domain Extensions NYC Times Square

In addition to .nyc, a new wave of geographic domain extensions — along with .vegas, .london, .quebec and dozens additional — enable you to name your enterprise on-line with a website on-line care for that’s associated to a particular place.

Be you, the place you are

If you buy a .london domain name paying homage to, as an illustration, your purchasers instantly know that you’re the appropriately-acknowledged Savile Row haberdasher — not some imitator who merely occurred to buy up the domain name first. (We hope no haberdashers named Ian are offended by this occasion!)

And you don’t primarily have to run a enterprise to earnings from geo domains.

Maybe you merely need to decide with a certain locale and share knowledge on an merely recognizable website on-line. Planning a bachelor get collectively in Sin City? Set up to maintain the entire deets up to date. Want an internet present case in your porcelain cat assortment, the one overtaking the spare mattress room in your Quebec residence? Consider

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Use enterprise-particular domain extensions to current what you present at a look

We’ve shared a lot of domain extension examples on this textual content material to this stage, nonetheless now we’re going to get far more particular — enterprise particular, that’s. Take a take a have a have a take a look at our examples beneath for the following industries:

  • Hospitality / Food and beverage
  • Travel
  • Schools
  • Construction
  • Media and knowledge safety
  • Clubs
  • Public service (ahem, working for office? You WANT to take a have a take a look at this half out!)

We’re betting that after you be taught by way of them, you’ll be impressed to uncover strategies to use domain extensions to your promoting income whether or not or not or not or not you’re in thought-about positively one amongst these industries or not.

Hospitality domains match for foodies

Whether you’re a caterer or barista, private a bar or restaurant, or just love dishing about good eats, the model new batch of meals-related domains can heat up your enterprise on-line.

A website on-line name that ends with positively one amongst many new meals domains — along with .bar, .beer, .catering, .espresso, .kitchen, .menu, .pizza, .recipes and .restaurant — makes your edible decisions obvious at a look.

It’ll be sooner and easier for people making an attempt to uncover meals and beverage corporations on-line to decide your enterprise.

Domain Extensions Restaurant Food

Want to showcase your restaurant’s particular menu for the winter season? Try a website on-line name like Want your purchasers to know you have the favored wings and Monday night time time soccer on every current? Maybe the odds for are in your favor. Are you a brew purist? You can trumpet your ale affinity with a name like Like to weblog about 20 completely different strategies to make deviled eggs? Register a name paying homage to

These domain extensions are so current that you’ve obtained a good completely completely different to protected a name that’s excellent in your enterprise. And that’s yummy.

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Travel internet pages with .holidays domain extension take off

Help your journey corporations enterprise soar to the very best of the freeway — on-line — with a website on-line care for ending contained in the model new .holidays domain.

A .holidays domain tells your company exactly what your web site on-line is about.


Imagine wanting on-line for journey corporations and coming all by thought-about positively one amongst these pleasing names:

  • romantic.holidays
  • getaway.holidays
  • tropical.holidays
  • pleasing.holidays
  • fairly priced.holidays
  • luxurious.holidays
  • cruise.holidays
  • fishing.holidays

A domain name like paradise.holidays is exact. It can’t be mistaken for a actual property web site on-line promoting a paradisiacal residence. And your purchasers can also be assured they gained’t uncover themselves on a website on-line about paradise contained within the afterlife.

Domain Extensions Vacation Tourist

The .college domain areas a complete new spin on finding out

Schools and training amenities now have .college, .academy, .diploma  and extra educating-related domain extensions to help them shine on-line.

Whether you run an elite private academy or an apprentice program for electricians, a .college domain name will set you aside from the entire others vying for faculty faculty school college students on-line.

And as a outcomes of a a a a part of your domain name appears after the dot, your internet care for might really be shorter than it might be with one completely completely different domain — always a good concern.

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Build your enterprise with a .enchancment domain name

Planning and rising is in your blood … How good is it that there’s a domain extension that speaks to your purchasers, telling them exactly what you do in a quick look?

The .enchancment domain extension does the entire talking, letting you think about rising an superior enterprise offline.

Instead of registering a clunky domain like, you can register AwesomeName.enchancment — shorter, sweeter, scannable and downright superior.

Whether you’re a rising inspector, carpenter, architect, important contractor or anyone else contained within the rising commerce, a .enchancment domain name will make your enterprise stand out like a pretty skyscraper amongst one-story flats.

Domain Extensions Construction Site Build

Breaking .knowledge to drive your enterprise on-line

Whether you’re an investigative journalist, a specialty blogger, and advice columnist hoping to promote your work into syndication, and even an on a frequent foundation entrepreneur with a knowledge half in your website on-line, the .knowledge domain name will assist you assemble and develop your enterprise on-line.

Perhaps you’re wanting to share the information of your biz or weblog by way of maintain streaming. With the model new .maintain domain extension, it’s on no account been easier to current the world at a look that you’re streaming current, useful content material materials supplies provides.

Join the .membership

The on-line world obtained a little additional distinctive by serving to to decide groups — customary spherical shared passions and pursuits — with the .membership domain extension.

Clubs are for everyone, nonetheless this domain extension is especially good for:

  • Groups and associations
  • Retail loyalty and affinity features
  • Online networking groups (e.g. Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Sports and leisure golf gear or teams
  • Consumers with particular pursuits or hobbies

Now, groups paying homage to golf, appropriately being, yacht, tennis, chess, guide, social and nation golf gear might make a grand entrance with out having to introduce themselves — the domain does the entire work!

Maybe your current domain name is one situation like, It has a ring to it, nonetheless what if you might use TheBestBook.membership? Instantly, you’ve added promoting price to your group — making your .membership far more official!

By the easiest way whereby by which, these on-line networking groups we talked about? If you private a .membership domain, you can redirect your domain to your groups on them. Imagine being able to inform any individual to be a a a a part of your group at yourbusiness.membership as a substitute of discovering you at

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Cast your vote for a .democrat or .republican domain extension

Domain Extensions Voting Day Stickers

Political leanings? The .democrat or .republican domain extension is good for candidates, officeholders, activists, get collectively organizations, golf gear and individuals who decide with each the Grand Old Party or its Democrat counterpart.

Just add your name, metropolis or set off for a proudly partisan internet care for.


Did your gubernatorial candidate from the GOP merely get elected to your state’s prime office? Then you may be On the alternative aspect of that political fence? Then you can also be a

Just sayin’ …

To research domain extensions for a lot further industries, take a have a have a take a look at:

Don’t see what you are promoting appropriate correct proper right here? That doesn’t level on the market isn’t a domain extension that’s good for you. GoDaddy’s domain name search instrument makes it a snap to uncover enterprise-particular domain extensions.

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Conclusion and subsequent steps

All in all, domain extensions actually are an extension of you and your mannequin.

We’ve lined a lot on this monster of a submit. But all of it boils down to one straightforward question — How will you use the plethora of domain extensions accessible to you?

Domain extensions present many alternate decisions to creatively market your enterprise. Their utilization is kind of limitless.

If you’re a ingenious enterprise proprietor or marketer, or a blogger, the intensive alternative of domain extensions present a good completely completely different for enterprise progress as well as to to fashionable purchaser engagement.

Next steps

So, what’s subsequent?

  1. Choose the most effective domain name.
  2. Once you decide on a domain name, register it with GoDaddy.
  3. Set up a skilled e mail care for using your domain name.
  4. Attach a website on-line to your domain name.

Happy naming and take a have a have a take a look at our free Business Name Generator instrument!

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This article consists of content material materials supplies provides initially printed on the GoDaddy weblog by the following authors: Laura Messerschmitt, Isaac Irvine, Cody Landefeld, Genevieve Tuenge, RuthAnn Hogue, Maxym Martineau, Andrea Mosher, Andrea Rowland, Nick Fuller and Jennifer Dunn.